We began operations in 1992 providing engineering services and evolving with the integration of supply and installation services, all under one roof. As time passed, we became in a work team with proved capacity to development projects from Pre-engineering, detailed engineering, construction management, direct supplies from the manufacturer and after-sales support.

Our Mission

Increase the safety of our customers, protecting lives and assets by reducing risks through the development and application of specialized engineering, based on international standards to design, install and maintain effective fire protection systems.

Our Vision

To be the industry model in the protection of life and assets.

Maintaining leadership in fire protection systems strengthened with our values.

To be a successful company, with integrity and high sense of ethics, extending benefits to customers and partners.

To share experience and professional knowledge with society, to improve our living and environment.

Our Values


  • Fulfill the commitments we set.
  • Maintain an open communication channel to provide care and timely response.
  • Provide systems that work the way they were designed.

Continuous Improvement

  • Integrate work teams empowered to detect improvement projects.
  • Solve areas of opportunity with Value Engineering.
  • Create a culture of Total Quality Control through constant training.


  • Encourage thinking to generate new ideas to produce and develop original solutions.
  • Value the transferable skills of our employees as a base to promote new ideas.
  • Do different things with what already exists.


  • Foster an environment where security privileges any decision, process or product.
  • Conduct ourselves with safety and ensure that our partners do the same.
  • Continually promote safety through education.


  • Develop competitive proposals and economically favorable, strategic alliances.
  • Evaluate and execute our projects always offering the best market results.
  • Guarantee the value of the investment.


More than 100 years of shared experience.
Our team is integrated of a group people, well trained in the different branches that the Fire Protection specialty demands. This group is leaded by a core team consisting of a group of experts in the field, with an accumulated experience of over 100 years with a history of 500+ projects which exceeded 80 million square feet installed with fire systems throughout the country. This path allows us to provide robustness , reliability competitiveness ... .but above all quality

“Any project implemented by Global Mechanical is done to meet the standards required , extending international fire protection systems , regardless of the physical dimension , the economic amount or the technical intricacies”

Global Mechanical


Strict Observation of Industry Standars

Since our origin we have attached and incorporated to the practices and industry standards in all our projects. We maintain a permanent commitment and membership with the organizations that give rise and leadership to the philosophy and practices of the industry we serve through constant monitoring and observation of such standards and practices.

We also participate in its outreach to our customers and public interest and by contributing to the creation of the Mexican Association of Sprinklers Companies.

Global Mechanical is a member and collaborates with the following organizations: