We are committed with the distribution of information to the general public

We are committed with the education and distribution of information regarding our capabilities and areas of mechanical specialization. At Global Mechanical we publish a monthly technical bulletin to inform and educate the concern public about the most relevant issues regarding history, technology, standards, and the design and installation of fire protection mechanical systems.

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Information in PDF off fire protection systems, and safety regulations. Dissemination and promotion of culture of prevention.
  • History, overview and basics
    History of sprinklers
    Combustion principles
    Importance of fire prevention systems
    Operation of sprinklers
    Types of fire prevention systems
    Special suppression systems
    Foam systems
    Fire suppresion systems
    Exterior networks
    Sprinkler system
    Panic VS Fire
    Tectonic Plates
  • Fire prevention system main elements
    ESFR Sprinklers
    Fire hoses
    Protection against fire in hangars and aircrafts
    Schools and nurseries protection
    Pipe support
    Water containers
    Fire extinguisher
    Materials and types of union in a fire prevention system
  • Risks to protect
    Occupations by storage
    Occupation and storage risks
    Fire protection in fuel storage tanks
    Dangerous materials
    Ventilation and smoke managment
    Types of storage of flammables liquids and fuels
    Earthquake protection
  • Normativity
    Fire protection system courses and certificates
    Fire protection and Nom 002
    What is the NFPA?
    NFPA Expo´s
    NFPA 13
    NFPA 101 Life safety code
    NFPA 72 Fire protection alarms
    NFPA 20 Standard for the installation of stationary pumps for fire protection
  • Maintenance
    Inspection and maintenance
    Maintenance of fire extinguisher
  • Alarms
    Main operation of alarm panels
    Systems configuration
    Control panels
    Flow detectors
    Detection in houses
    Notifying devices
    Different kinds of detectors
    Manual stations

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History of Sprinklers

Importance of a Fire Protection System

Operation of Sprinklers

Combustion Principles

Types of Systemssistemas

Sprinklers ESFR

Suppression Systems

Fire hoses

Fire Protection operation Detectors