We began operations in 1992 providing engineering services and evolving with the integration of supply and installation services,… all under one roof.

As time passed, we became in a work team with proved capacity to development projects from Pre- engineering , detailed engineering , construction management , direct supplies from the manufacturer and after-sales support

  • Fire Protection Systems
    Systems designed according to international standards and codes and local ordinances fire protection:

    • Automatic Sprinkler Systems
    • Protection Systems Hose Cabinets
    • Pumping Systems and Storage Tanks
    • Special Fire Fighting Systems
    • Special Risks
    • Smoke Management and Control
    • Hydraulic Calculations
    • Inspection, Maintenance and Testing
  • Alarm Systems
    We provide special projects engineering for developing fire alarm:

    • Reporting System (Pull and Sirens Stations)
    • Monitoring and Supervision of Sprinkler Systems
    • Pumping Equipment and Water Storage Tanks
    • Smoke Detection System Directional / Conventional
    • Projected Beam and Smoke Aspiration Detection Systems
    • Specialty Gas Detection
    • Intelligent Control Panels
    • Remote Monitoring Events
  • Process Piping
    Equipment and piping systems for different facilities in buildings:

    • Oxygen, Nitrogen and Medical Gases
    • Specialty Steel Pipes, Stainless Steel, Monel, Copper, and others
    • Pipe Evaporators and Cooling Towers
    • Liquid Storage Tanks and Grains
    • Pumping Equipment & Extractors
    • Special Purpose Pipes for Diesel and Petrol
    • Instrumentation, Measurement and Control
  • Compressed Air Plants
    Central Plant Compressed Air and Vacuum:

    • Screw Type Air Compressors and Centrifugals
    • Filtering and Air Dryers
    • Distribution Networks and Pressure Tanks
    • Connection to Equipment
    • Measurement and Control Systems
    • Vacuum Plants
    • Vacuum Piping Systems
  • Natural Gas & LP
    Storage Systems and Gas Utilization:

    • Stationary LP Gas Tanks
    • Natural and LP Gas Distribution
    • Gas Meters and Regulators
    • System Verification


We develop and produce 100% of our engineering in house with our own staff and workstations.

During the years we have developed a team of specialized engineers and workstation design equipment to cover all of our projects needs. This capability can be extended according to project size and workloads.

We only use industry standard and licensed software to produce our drawings. Plot-out sketch and calculations forms are supported by recognized industry software companies.

We provide engineering services for our own project needs as well as for specific third parties projects on special requests.

Baja Design Engineering, our engineering firm who provides all mechanical design and engineering.

Our project engineers have proved capacity to develop designs according to specific requirements. Our variety of work can service full new buildings, expansions and retrofits.

We maintain a constant study and project our engineers are constantly training to offer the best design options with which we , together with our customers the most appropriate response to the needs and specific project requirements.


We guarantee the supply of national and foreign materials

We have established our reliability to supply certified products and materials on site based on the fact that we have established the structure necessary manpower , facilities and systems to manage own way procurement and supply in partnership with foreign manufacturers, national distributors and local suppliers to provide maximum savings, efficiency and service to our customers.


We meet objectives on time and improve execution

During construction we integrate comprehensive Project Management Plans with a strong team of people and professionals to cover all areas to coordinate engineering, supply of equipment and materials, and organize installation labor schedules to meet and improve project time goals.

Our construction manager arranges in site the staff structure to meet the best job due date expectations. You can find us to be a reliable team to support “job-detailing” without delays. This labor will be assisted by our technical supervisors to inspect on site quality and safety of installations on each job.


We deliver pre- packaged materials and identified the doors of the project

Established in 2004, Our workshop Central Manufacturing has evolved to offer a competitive advantage that allows us to do controlled deliveries.
Adding and sharing our experience, this translates into the following flags:

  1. Doing More Efficient Our Supply Chain.
  2. Inventory Management and Stock Materials for Effective Responses.
  3. Pre - renovating or prefabricating piping systems which are then installed on site.
  4. Time deliveries.
  5. Easy and quick assembly at Work.
  6. Economic Improvements.
The building , installed capacity and equipment available to the workshop, allow production of approximately 3,000 sprinklers per week , equivalent to an area of ​​300,000 ft2 of piping systems.

Our workshop allows controlled for the Design, Fabrication, Welding, Primary Assemblies, Testing, Painting, Labelling and Finished Product Shipments to any work environment.

" The quality of the finished product we handle, allow projects a tailored suit and delivered in time for installation , with a tendency to zero field setting details and covering the quality requirements demanded by the standard "

Post Sale Service

We Guarantee Performance and compliance under NFPA and FM standars


Global Mechanical provides after-sales service to ensure performance and reliability of mechanical systems through a Maintenance Policy "GM Planner".

Our policy offers:
  • Acceptance Testing;
  • Inspection of components;
  • Training of maintenance personnel.
The opinion of our service and monitoring ensures that your systems comply with NFPA and FM standards or any other standards required by insurance companies to protect corporate property and business continuity.


On special request basis and or during execution of maintenance policies we offer training seminars for maintenance and operations personnel of our customers and associates.

These courses are aimed at educating primary operating staff regarding:
  • Principles of Operation and Functioning;
  • Operational Testing and Acceptance;
  • Component Inspection,
  • Design Parameters / System Performance, and
  • Catalogue and Library of Drawings.